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Ami, the boy from the stars

"It is not easy to write a book when you're 10 years old. But I have to do it because my friend told me AMI, I have to write down everything we have seen together, when I ever again look like. This I get no problems, he advised me to say that this is all fantasy, a story for children. " People tell Pedro, the South African boy who watched one evening on the beach, the emergency landing of a UFO. Of lower vehicle got out of a boy who was as old as he. The two talked all night on earth in the spaceship, on other continents, in other worlds far out in the galaxy, where Pedro gain insight into a civilization, the inhabitants of the universal basic law to follow the love and live accordingly very happy. A book that was in his home in no time became a bestseller and the film version is imminent.

Comment: A very good book, highly recommended!

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