Aliens shot down California missile

The mystery missile that was fired off the coast of California has been solved according to Colleen Thomas, a Pleidian contact. She says the US government was firing an ICBM at Iran and was intercepted by the Pleidians. Soon after President Obama ordered another missile fired at the Pleidians in order to continue Bilderberg and the Illuminati's rule.

Quelle: RTAmerica

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Centreville, Virginia

On Wednesday evening the 11/08/2010 some people in Centreville Virginia have spotted a bright blue light in the sky. Yet no one seems to explain this unknown object to have.

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EPOS DEI - The mysterious order behind things

With the arrival of the 21st century mankind faces formidable challenges. Decreasing resources and an increasing demand are making a peaceful coexistence on planet Earth difficult. In NuoViso's new production "epic Dei - a mysterious order behind the things" we embark on a quest for an ancient wisdom that can perhaps give answers to our current problems.

Film Language: German


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8. Congress for border knowledge On the weekend of the 16.-17. October, the 8th Congress for Borderland Sciences was held in Rain. I was there, accompanied by a friend, and I'd like to give a brief overview about the contents and schedule.

We were very positively impressed about how nice and friendly the people at the congress were. The organisor "Oliver Gerschitz" of Rain Meeting (Regentreff) made a big effort to please all the visitors, and he achieved this with great success!

Very interesting and above all credible, known lecturers gathered. Very thoughtful was Robert Stein, who explained the 9/11 Mega Ritual in a 2 hour lecture. After a long lunch break we went straight on with NuoViso TV who introduced their new, informative and at the same time touching film project. Then the known editor of Mystery Magazine, Switzerland, Luc Bürgin took over right after NuoViso. He talked about the many new riddles and mysteries of our world. And finally, at the end of the day, Erich von Däniken held one of his favoured, popular lectures. After that we headed into an exciting question and answer session in which he received many questions by each guest, and he took time for everyone.

The next morning, Dr. Joachim Koch gave an extensive presentation on "HAARP - Pandora's Box". In the end he sang a beautiful song and accompanied himself on his guitar. After the lunch break followed an interesting lecture on "Unbelievable but true!" with Reinhard Habeck. For a wonderful and successful conclusion of the Congress, biophysicist Dieter Broers stepped up. He spoke about (R) Evolution 2012. On both days of the Congress we were able to take photographs. Orbs are clearly visible on them.

We'd like to say a huge thanks again to all the great conference speakers for their performance and support of humanity, during the current shift in consciousness - a heartfelt thank you!

Finally, we highly recommend the Congress for Border Science, and we look forward to next year!


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