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Spiritual Meeting

The spiritual meeting place is a small open spiritual community. We meet to meditate together and support each other in their own spirituality and spiritual development and exchange.

It does not matter

  • What faith, what religion, culture, you have
  • if you have meditation experience do
  • how often can you take and you want
  • from what place you come
  • how old are you

With love in your heart, openness, tolerance and acceptance and to others, everyone is welcome here!

Our meeting was "free" i.e. It is not an organization, association, etc. behind it. It may come and go each, whenever he wants.

We will examine various issues such as: for example, awareness, development, paranormal, spiritual healing, channeling, returns, UFOs, extraterrestrial life, free energy, history, conspiracies, mysticism, myths, etc.

The meeting takes place every first Sunday of the month by 14 clock. The duration is flexible, usually we sit together to 20 clock.

Meeting place is:

Kraxn Wirt
Etzstra├če 41
84030 Ergolding / Landshut


Larger Map

Here in the right on Goole Maps

Here in the right on Goole Maps

I am heartily at your coming!

Your Tanja

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