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These lectures and seminars are in German

New Courses for Tesla pulse technology

After the success of our first NEXUS special seminar, which was sold out within days, we now have new dates for a basic and an advanced seminar scheduled:

Seminar I (Standard SSG): 26 to 28 November 2010

Seminar II (multi-coil systems): 21 to 23 January 2011

Print View Print View Pulse technology in practice Build your own pulse charger following the revolutionary concept of John Bedini SSG The future value of a decentralized, self-sufficient energy supply may not actually be überbewertet. Therefore, many dream of "free energy", but few people currently grout over the knowledge required to have a say to yourself here or actually act.

NEXUS, in collaboration with the Forum Tüftlern made some effort to re-entrants to evacuate the largest Anfängerhürden out of the way:

We teach you the basics to understand the classical experiment to Bedini Technology, as was described in the article in issue 30th It gives you a practical introduction to a key area of current free-energy research and can from then Perform your own experiments.

In addition, we offer you - unique in the world - to a completely newly developed, expandable kit which not only forms the basis for this experiment, but can be extended in the Seminar II to a much bigger device. Seminar I:

Standard SSG, the group experiment with basic kit (sold separately)

Date: 26 to 28 November 2010 Seminar II:

Multi-coil systems: design, tuning, application for charging larger capacity battery. Our kit will be expanded this seminar on Flex and Multicoil rotor.

Date: 21 to 23 January 2011 Venue: Immenstadt / Allgäu Seminargebühr: 300 € (accommodation / food)

Nexus happy to send them detailed registration information!

Please send inquiries to the editor, call

0049 08323/9681015

UFOs and the Military

Lecture by Robert Fleischer Exopolitics Hessen

Content: … "If UFOs really exist, but they would long ago have been discovered by the military," it says sometimes uninformed or skeptical about the phenomenon. What they do not seem to know: Just as it has already happened many times. The armies around the globe have registered over the past 60 years not only UFOs, but to some spectacular findings published. The fact is that Germany and the United States catch up with the international trend towards the release of UFO files belonging behind. A look into these formerly secret documents leaves no doubt: we are visited by highly evolved beings.

Admission: 5 € / FREE for activists

Biography: Robert Fleischer (32) studied Dipl.-interpreter at the University of Leipzig and started at the age of 16 years, a career in journalism. Most recently he worked as an editorial assistant at MDR television. He is a freelance journalist, translator and coordinator of Exopolitics Germany (, a citizens' initiative, which has set itself the goal of the mass media largely ignored evidence of an extraterrestrial presence advertise. Exopolitics Germany is part of a rapidly growing international movement of citizens in 18 countries on five continents, supported by many leading personalities and insiders from science, politics, media and military.

Venue: Level 6 Club, Casino Straße 60, 64293 Darmstadt - Hessen

Exopolitics Meeting

Free entrance to the gas station right up to the parking garage.

Vaccinations - the business of lies

30/10/2010 Venue: Landgasthof "Zur Alten Post, OT March, Hauptstr. 37, 94209 Regen (D) Participation fee: 10.00 EUR beginning: 19.00 clock

"Vaccinations are one of the most important and effective preventive measures that today's medicine." - As far as the initiation of almost any publication that would cause us to let us vaccinate.

What we are not told this: Vaccines damage the body can not protect us in case of illness and use only one - to the producer. Not for nothing, the pharmaceutical to the most profitable industries in the world. Your message hits us in our sore spot of our fear. It is time to get rid of this fear, because: unvaccinated people are healthier!


Petra Cortiel born 1973 graduate teacher, a teacher at a Salzburg primary school, mother of an unvaccinated son, has spent 12 years intensively with vaccinations and alternative medicine, gives lectures, conducts a of vaccination parents circle and said a questionnaire to survey the health status of completely unvaccinated children to life.

Ways to complete awareness - 13 - 14.11.2010 Walsrode

Seminar and workshop units and a Satsang with Alexander. On the first day you have three different tools integrated, practical support for awareness. On the second day followed by a Satsang. Alexander accompanies you on both days

13/11/2010, Day 1, 10:30 clock - 19:00 clock:

Practical ways of awareness in times of change.

Three different tools offer you comprehensive, practical support for awareness in times of change. Detached from dogmatic structures and ideological concepts they are true catalysts help of internal processes, you gain more understanding, more overview. Put yourself in the river with your development and yet are simple and uncomplicated to use. Based on a thousand year old knowledge and recent findings.

We invite you all three tools in one day meet. As part of our seminar and workshop character is Alexander Wagandt it to you before.

The method of transforming smoking in theory and practice. The use of specific vibrations and frequencies. About concepts and possibilities. The technique of the related breathing - a theoretical and practical introduction.

14/11/2010, Day 2, 14:00 clock - 17:30 clock:

Satsang with Alexander. In line with being.

The term Satsang originates from the Indian Sanskrit. Will you translate it in the meeting shall deliberate on the importance of being comfortable with the best.

It is this awareness of being, at issue in Satsang, not specifically linked to particular religious views or beliefs. Rather, it is just for the liberation from dogmatic models and identifications. Including exemption from the strongest identification, identification of those with a personal role, which is held by most people for their true nature.

Satsang can sometimes be a catalyst. An encounter beyond conditioning in resonance with the being. In awareness of your true nature.

Just like you are now, you're right. You have nothing to be to be. Nothing is missing, it is sufficient to hold no more superfluous.

Reservations and further information:

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