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Important note:

Every person is a complete player in world affairs, and in this "Time of Changes" face special challenges.

We provide a and many committed partners & friends of our review into a new era of higher consciousness with self-knowledge and self-development.

This is this portal in the topics, articles and tools, this is neither new ideological, religious or political programs, nor any sect. It is purely and simply consciousness and self-knowledge. The age-old laws of this universe and the new opportunities that may become public until now for obvious reasons.

To this new "being" everyone can get the research without reservation, individual in its own way.

Our spiritual - physical activity is solely for monitoring and liberation of each individual, according to the original truth "in the rest of the force and is in the silence - in the soul itself - are all revelations." HOW awareness is knowledge and the ways of healing itself - and the wholeness will open the path of unconditional love and a true co-existence of all beings.

Our joint action and interaction is a liberation from old concepts, limitations and outdated programs dedicated. With the goal that everyone should find true inner peace, true joy, true freedom and eternal wealth in its existence and souls with friends together his free time - free from the shackles of time - can make creative.

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