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Dear guests, dear creator consciousness,

We welcome you warmly to free Spirituality.com! We are glad that you found her here and we'll do that for you, you find lots of valuable information will.

Here is now emerging a spiritual multimedia Internet portal, to educate, but especially also the spiritual, is to serve conscious development.

As many of you know, we are in a time of change on planet Earth. Currently, many gain awareness and knowledge that so few works on earth and the universe differently and runs than we could previously was clear.

We also want to participate in this wonderful change of time and expanding our Internet offering more and more. Sometimes you have several ways you can contribute to their own well-being and that of their fellow men.

Each of us has in our hands what will become of all our common future. We achieve nothing if we fight each other or cause harm to ourselves. After motto "together we are strong." The collective mass consciousness can change where everyone is working on himself.

Who can solve its own internal tensions and toward the beauty and lightness of being and the new possible quality of life, clear the many different stress scenarios by giving them withdraw the appropriate attention.

A keen awareness of the Creator comes to knowledge and converts the causes-violent and loving.

Not the size determines consciousness and change, but the consciousness creates the true inner greatness and the changing times!

Let us create together as a creator of a new consciousness, light and loving future!

We live in freedom and peace with each other!

We are all one!

Light and Love

Your team of free-Spirituality

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